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Welcome To HW Wise Custom Tailoring

Welcome To The HW Custom Tailoring

Some things never go out of style... the perfect suit - a distinctive necktie - elegant formalwear - personal service... these are the hallmarks of HW Wise Custom Tailoring.

Since 1986, we have been focused on just one thing - a well-tailored garment that is every bit as serious as its owner. In our Santa Monica shop, we showcase the world's finest fabrics - each available to be custom made to fit you perfectly. For over 28 years we have satisfied our clients on their alterations and custom garment needs, specializing in Fur and leather. We pride our self's in knowing that our customers come first.

From the boardroom to the locker room, our clients - CEO's, professional athletes and everything in between - rely on our experienced advice and common sense approach to their wardrobe needs.

From suits to shirts - business classic to "club casual," the HW Wise Custom Tailoring flatters both the shape and the ego in the way it fits perfectly and reflects good taste and success.

Our mission? "Old fashioned" service, the finest custom clothing and happy, well dressed customers for life!

Custom Suits

exquisitely tailored

Custom Dresses

Elegantly Designed


Crafting the Perfect Fit


"Simply the best tailor in town!"

John Rogers

"My suits have never fit this good"

James Parker

"This shop has something special"

Kelly Brook

"I wouldn't recommend any other tailor"

Christine Adams

"My wedding dress is perfect, thank you"

Victoria Lewis

"I love coming here, such a nice experience"

Lindsay Turner

"I would recommend to all my friends and family"

Rose Hart

"Thanks for making me look so fabulous"

Tony Mills

"I always get compliments on how my clothes fit me so well"

Jennifer Bowman

"You don't have to be a movie star to look like one"

Samantha May

"Great prices and so professional"

Don Nguyen

"Incredible workmanship"

James Kelly

"Everyone is so friendly and nice"

Susan Ross

"I'm always the talk of the town when I get fitted here"

Elizabeth Clark

"My daughter and I love coming here"

Wendy Taylor

"Amazing job, Thank you"

Adam Roberts