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About Us

About HW Custom Tailoring

If you've never had clothes tailored before, here is definitely the best place to try one. We at HW Custom Tailoring pride ourselves in the quality and fit of our garments and can confidently say that once you have had clothes tailored at HW Wise Custom Tailoring, you will never go off the rack again! We guarantee that our fit, quality & service is second to none! Let us prove it to you!

Since 1986, we have been focused on just one thing - a well-tailored garment that is every bit as serious as it's owner. In our Santa Monica shop we have showcased the world's finest fabrics - each available to be custom made to fit you perfectly.

With world class tailoring facilities the discerning customer will find complete outfitting facilities all under one roof. Master cutters will help you to craft the finest garments in the latest styles. Our master tailors follow high quality standards and are trained with the latest methods and equipment. It has been our privilege to have been able to serve you by bringing you the widest and latest range of fabrics for suiting, shirting and ready-to-wear garments, in an ambience that is relaxed and unhurried. We ensure the perfect fit. We make sure to include several fitting sessions to ensure your suit is finished perfectly.

About Us